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IO-201 Wi-Fi Web Gateway IO-204 Web Gateway Gamma Web Gateway
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The small single channel IO-201 Wi-Fi! Connect using your Wi-Fi network and monitor and control almost anything anywhere in the world on your mobile device. Monitor, control, log and send alerts over the internet using the IO-204 Web Gateway. Bridge the gap between the physical world and the World Wide Web. Free mobile and web apps and no subscription required. The Gamma Web Gateway is a gateway offered by ioBridge that replaces the IO-204-PRO with additional features and functions including wireless Endpoint options.
Gamma Web Gateway with 1 Minute Data Logging Upgrade
Price: $314.00
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Gamma Web Gateway with 1 Minute Data Logging Upgrade

Web Enable your Devices

ioBridge Web Gateways help bridge the gap between the physical world and the World Wide Web. The gateways and online tools at enable you to evaluate ioBridge’s technology and easily get your projects or products on the web. There is no need to run a web server or track ever changing dynamic IP addresses. The gateway takes care of the internet connectivity and the customizable widgets on the ioBridge website remove the need for complex programming. Just plug in your gateway, register on the ioBridge website and within minutes, you’ll be interacting with lights, switches, servos and sensors. Keep your widgets private on your secure ioBridge dashboard or publish them on your website for the entire world to enjoy! Each Web Gateway includes a free dashboard and iPhone or Android app with user customizable controls and displays.

The four input/output (I/O) channels on each gateway can be connected to optional sensors and actuators. Each I/O channel includes one digital input, one digital output, and one analog input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I use the IO-204 and other web gateways that work with the in a product?
A You can but we do not recommend it. While the user interface and dashboard is very easy to use and very flexible it is not designed as a dashboard to web-enable commercial products. Some of the major features that are not included in the free dashboard are: custom branding; multi-level permissions; the ability to hide (or add) certain pages from and users; and guaranteed service levels. While the IO-204 and may look like an attractive solution the Iota and technology is the best choice for new products as it is possible to design and build totally custom user interfaces without having to worry about the complexity of connectivity to products or devices. provides web APIs that web developers can easily use to create custom user interfaces for your application.

Q Do I have to pay a subscription?
A No. Each ioBridge Web Gateway includes a free web dashboard and free iPhone or Android apps.

Q Can you help me design my project?
A Yes but this service is not free.  We recommend you first review the ioBridge Tutorials and read the documentation.  You can also try posting on our forum for free advice.  If you still need our design services please contact

Q I am a casual user or hobbyist, how does your technology work and where should I start.  
A If you do not have a particular project in mind then we recommend purchasing our IO-204 Web Gateway Kit and following our tutorials.

Q I am a product manufacturer, how does your technology work and what can you do for me?
A ioBridge's core business is licensing our technology to product manufacturers.  We recommend our Iota and technology although in some limited cases our ThingSpeak platform might also be an option.  We also provide custom hardware and software development services and can work with you from product idea to market.  To get a sense of what our technology can do we recommend buying our IO-204 Web Gateway Evaluation kit and if you have the engineering know-how purchasing our Iota Evaluation Kit too. Although you will not use the IO-204 kit in a final product it will give you a good idea of what can be done with our technology and can be used to rapidly internet-enable almost anything without any software development.

Q Do you have a version of your technology that works inside my private network and that does not require using your servers?
A No. Our technology is all about connecting things via the internet.  There are alternative solutions designed to work inside networks but ours is not one of them.